Vietnam Investment

Cost of starting up a business in Vietnam: Contact us for all details.

Steps to Investing in Vietnam and Registering a Small Business or Rep Office

We provide foreign investment and business services as shown below.

  • Incorporation and Licensing of foreign-owned companies in Vietnam
  • Incorporation of Vietnamese Nominee Companies
  • Opening of Representative Offices
  • Nominee Owners/Directors (foreign and Vietnamese) and chief representatives
  • Business Cooperation Contracts
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Foreign Ownership of Real Estate
  • Trademark Registration
  • Company Secretary (Vietnam and offshore)
  • Offshore Companies and offshore bank accounts

How to Save Administration and Management Costs in Vietnam by Star Support Packages

  • Administration Support Packages that incorporate many of the administration services below via a retainer situation. This is a cost-effective and convenient option adopted by many foreign investors
  • Labour Code matters, such as recruitment, employment, salary, leave rosters, and social security tasks and industrial relations
  • Work Permits
  • Tax Matters, including stamps, tax registration, red invoice books, staff PIT returns
  • Permits and minor licenses of various kinds
  • Commercial Leases and Letters of Intent to Lease
  • English Drafting, editing, corporate reports, presentations and handbooks
  • Management Oversight and troubleshooting for absent foreign owners
  • Other Specialist Business Services as requested

Seek Advice on Strategic Direction before Starting Your Investment

There are many complexities and restrictions when it comes to investing or conducting business in Vietnam; however, once these initial startup difficulties are overcome, doing business in Vietnam can be very profitable.  What initially may seem a good direction to follow, could be less effective than another approach suggested by Star from long experience in practically implementing the investment strategies of numerous clients.

Timely advice by the experienced team at Star could save the client a lot of time, money and frustration. The client should always contact Star for initial strategic investment advice regarding the best direction to take.

For example, is it better to open a foreign-owned entity or one held by Vietnamese nominee owners?  Is a company or a representative office the best vehicle to use and why?  What are the restrictions or complications that may apply to investing in various fields of business in Vietnam?  Why do some companies choose to invest via a Business Cooperation Contract rather than incorporate a new company? We will make all this crystal clear.

Steps to Easier Investment in Vietnam

  • The client usually attends a strategic direction consultation at the Star office.Once the client decides on a suitable direction to take and an appropriate corporate vehicle, Star provides a written quotation for the investment task.
  • The client pays a deposit.
  • Star sends the client an Information Requirements Guide tailored to the selected situation.
  • The client provides the information and documents required by the Information Requirements Guide.
  • Star completes and submits a comprehensive investment dossier in Vietnamese and the client pays the residual payment.
  • Star obtains the foreign investment licence.