Vietnam Outsourcing

Achieve Huge Savings By Outsourcing to Vietnam

Vietnam has many qualified and competent technical personnel. Some smart-minded companies are already taking full commercial advantage of these efficient and very low cost technical services.  Star can assist companies to achieve huge savings by outsourcing segments of their technical tasks to competent low cost staff based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Introduction to the Star Outsourcing Service

Star is an Australian-Vietnamese corporate services and business development company based in Ho Chi Minh City and licensed to operate in Vietnam. Since the initial early days of 1988 when Vietnam first opened its doors to the global business community, foreign investment has grown rapidly and successfully in Vietnam. Star has assisted many investors to incorporate foreign-owned companies, establish Representative Offices, hire and manage staff on behalf of foreign companies, and carry out various corporate and business support tasks.


The aim is to provide details of the:

  • Types of outsourcing services Star provides to offshore companies.
  • The costs generally associated with using Star’s outsourcing services.
  • The procedures followed to make it all happen.

Types Of Outsourcing Services

The capacity and numbers of English speakers in Vietnam have improved considerably over the past few years. In general, the standard is still not high enough to allow for adequate telephone outsourcing services to function as they do on countries like India or the Philippines. However, the technical capacity of the Vietnamese workforce is high. Usually most of the professionals in the technical area have mastered sufficient English to receive and carry out technical tasks, which would cost the companies in their home countries considerably more to achieve. Accordingly, Star focuses on providing suitable contract workers in the areas of:

  • IT (such as webmasters and programmers)
  • Engineering (such as civil, mechanical and electrical engineers and draftsmen)
  • Accounting professional services.

We may also be able to assist in other technical field on request.

In the event that we have available a skilled IT programmer, or engineering draftsman, who may not have a sufficient English language capacity, Star will provide that person with a Vietnamese translation of any written instructions received from the offshore company.


Associated Costs

The client pays all monies once a month to Star, which will, in turn, pay all contract fees and any other expenses. Expenses will be mainly:

  • Outsourced staff contract fees in Vietnam.
  • Any receipted expenses incurred by outsourced employees in undertaking their duties.
  • Star monthly contract fee.
  • Star one off HR recruiting fee.

Any Star expenses incurred such as when undertaking translation or purchasing of equipment on behalf of the client so the outsourced employee can undertake his or her tasks.

Costs will vary to some degree from case-to-case. However, as a general guide this is what to expect. Note that all costs are in USD and can be obtained upon direct application to Star.

Item Remarks
Contract staff One off fee to Star, plus advertising
Staff monthly fee Star pays to staff on behalf of client
Staff expenses Usually very minor
Equipment purchase % of receipted cost
Star monthly fee Group discounts given

Star is a strictly ethical, diligent and reliable company. It does not take margins on staff fees or expenses, or in any area not openly disclosed and agreed to beforehand by the client.

For its fee, Star ensures the availability of the staff, total control of monetary payments, and reliability of the administration. We have no input whatsoever over any technical or operational matters. These are strictly between the client and the staff. If the staff recruited is unsuitable, the following refund is given:

  • Within the first month: 100% of HR recruiting fee.
  • Within the second month: 50% of HR recruiting fee.
  • Within the third month: 25% of the HR recruiting fee.

There are usually no other Star expenses. If, on occasions, translations are required, however, these are charged at the market rate.

Procedures to Make it Happen

The procedures followed to use the Star outsourcing service are simple. Further details regarding the selection, on-going management and costs will be advised upon client application.


Star believes its outsourcing services provide the foreign-based client with the following benefits:

1. A low cost option for good and professionally qualified technical staff based in Vietnam.

2. Reliable, ethical and disciplined administration in Vietnam by a licensed company that has experienced international and Vietnamese staff.

3. A low risk situation, as any risk is basically restricted to a monthly outlay.

4. Any service contract can be terminated with only one month’s notice.