Corporate Training

Our corporate training is not a dry academic approach to learning. Instead, it’s provided in the English language by the CEO, a person with many years of ‘hands on’ practical business experience. There is not an over-emphasis on the fine points of English. Rather, stress is placed on the Form, Substance, and Style of various key elements taught in a module. This is especially important for some modules such as with Business Presentations and Public Speaking, Written Business Communications, and Leadership.

Students learn not only how to do a task, but when to do it, and why it’s done.


  • Goals and Objectives
  • Business Presentations and Public Speaking
  • Reports and Flow Charts
  • Time Management
  • Understanding Commercial Agreements
  • Financial Tools for Non Accountants (Budgets and Cash Flows)
  • Winning Negotiator
  • Written Business Communications
  • Leadership
  • Strategic Planning, Business Plans/ Feasibility Studies

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